Casino Design

The application of the labyrinth was much more evident in the design of the room, with the machines of chance distributed not in a straight line as in the 60s, but forming curved paths. In this way, customers who accessed the path of the machines of chance had a greater difficulty in locating to find the exit and bet extra dolores before leaving. The key of the labyrinthine design was based on hiding the exits to the maximum, placing very little visible signs indicating the way and offering several options of tables and games visible from any position in the exit route.


2010 and the opening of new macro-casinos such as Bellagio and Wynn, meant a revision of the labyrinth concept. The designers successfully applied a series of measures totally unknown until now: The ceilings increased their height considerably and the machines and tables began to be grouped into small segments, leaving much more free space between them. Upon entering a new casino, the player was no longer faced with the machines of chance; His place was now occupied by statues and natural light showing straight roads towards the gaming tables.


This new concept has been coined as “Game Room” and the main idea revolves around transforming the casinos from a messy and chaotic place to a kind of palace in which the players feel comfortable and excited, surrounded by opulence and luxury in all directions. To put it in some way, a visit to a casino now resembles a visit to a spa, the kind of place where you do not mind spending money even if the expectations of winning are against you.


Game room

The game room design has proven to be extraordinarily effective in getting players to bet their money and designers have learned some concepts along the way. The more relaxed a player is the happier he will be at the time of winning and more understanding when losing.


Design Of The Chance Machines

This is undoubtedly the most crucial aspect of today’s casinos. In the decade of the 70s, 40% of the income came from the machines of chance. Currently, the figure has risen to 71% and new players, accustomed to computers, tablets and mobile phones prefer electronic machines before the traditional gaming tables, although the expectation of victory is much lower. In the majority of casinos, for each table of game there are 10 machines of chance.


Income slots

The success of the machines of chance is due in part to the incorporation of touch screens, which has allowed game designers to add new and attractive features. Today it is no longer necessary to have 300 identical machines, but it is usual to offer nine or ten units of dozens of different models of machines of chance. In this way, an added need is created for the customer to try different casino games.

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